Return to Public Worship – May 2021

From Tuesday 11th May 2021, public worship re-commences in Ballinderreen and Kinvara Parishes. A very warm welcome back to all parishioners. This is a joyful time for the parishes, and a source of hope for us all. Though various restrictions will still be in place, we will again rise to the challenge, and we look forward to being able to have full congregations eventually.
In the meantime, we return to observing the conditions as they were before Christmas. Here is a reminder of the procedures we are required to observe:
Attendance is limited to fifty people. In Kinvara and Ballinderreen, the places will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Different parishes have different practices for this, depending on their circumstances. Priority will be given to family members of those for whom the Mass is offered for anniversaries, months minds, etc. We will try to keep to one anniversary per Mass, so as to avoid any capacity problems.
For seating, please maintain 2 metre distance from anybody not of the same household. Please do not sit on the outside of a seat if you see that it would not be possible to sit 2 metres from the next person in that seat. If sitting on the inside, please move in near the edge, so as to maximise the space available for others. Two rows in every three are taped off so as to keep the 2m distance in the other direction. Please do not open the tapes. (Please note that the capacity of Doorus Church will be considerably less than 50 because of the 2 metre rule. In St Colman’s Church, Kinvara, we can operate the pods system which is allowed for larger Churches, for the transepts, resulting in a capacity slightly higher than 50, as long as nobody crosses between the pods.) Please follow the directions of the stewards for entering and leaving the Church. Space is available in each Church for anybody who requires a place for a wheelchair, etc. Please make known any special requirements and they will be accommodated.
The Eucharistic Minister will check if Holy Communion needs to be brought to anybody in a car or outside who could not get in because the capacity had been reached.
Please sanitise your hands on entering and leaving the Church. Stewards should not assist people in sanitising, so as not to come too close to those entering or leaving the Church.
Face coverings must be worn in the Church.
Please observe respiratory etiquette. No coughing into the air.
The Sign of Peace will remain suspended during this period.
Anybody who is feeling unwell or has symptoms is asked not to attend until you are fully well again.
The Priest and Ministers of Holy Communion will wear face coverings for the distribution of Communion. During this period, Communion will have to be received on the hand only. The Priest and Ministers of Holy Communion will go to each seat with Communion. The stewards, wearing gloves, will temporarily remove the tape so that the Priest or Minister of Holy Communion can move along the seat in front of those receiving Communion. Please place out your hands if you are receiving Holy Communion. Low-gluten hosts will be available from the Priest and Minister of Holy Communion for those who require them.
Ministers of the Eucharist must sanitise their hands again after putting on their face masks. Sacristans should do likewise before preparing the Communion hosts or other objects for use in the Mass.
Baskets will not be passed around for the offertory collection. Instead, there will be a container at the door in which you can place your offering.
Unfortunately, choirs still have to be restricted in the interests of physical distancing and prevention of droplet projection. It is possible to have an organist and cantor instead during this period, and sincere thanks to those are giving of their talents as cantors and organists during the pandemic.
Unfortunately, we still cannot have Holy Water in the fonts, in case of spread of the virus.
The parish newsletter remains suspended for the moment.
The Parish Office can be contacted by telephone only for the time being. Mass cards are not available until further notice.
Sincere thanks to our sanitising and stewarding volunteers, and all those who have been involved in keeping the parishes alive during the pandemic.
In relation to Doorus Church, if funerals occur, it is as well to mention now, when no funerals are pending, so that it will be clear it is not personal to anybody, that because the 2 metre distancing rule applies (except in the case of people who live in the same household), the capacity for a funeral will be considerably less than the 50 people. Therefore, families will have to choose between having a smaller number in attendance in Doorus Church or having the funeral in one of the other Churches of the parish. Please be sensitive to the fact that the parish is obliged to follow the government restrictions, in the interest of public health, and does not have discretion to make exceptions.
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