The Synodal Pathway gatherings

There will be gatherings in the meeting room in the Pastoral Centre at St Joseph’s Church, Kinvara, on Thursday 24th March 2022 at 8pm, and in the Acorn Centre meeting room at Ballinderreen Church on Tuesday 29th March after Mass (around 7.45pm), as part of these parishes’ involvement in the Synodal Pathway initiated by Pope Francis and happening at parish, diocesan, national and world levels. All welcome to come and walk together in discernment about how the life of the Church can best witness to Jesus in the years ahead.

The following questions will act as a spring-board for the discussion:

The Pandemic
1. Overall, what has been the impact of Covid?
2. What wounds did it reveal?
3. What insights has it given?

Another Focus:
1. How has faith helped you in your life?
2. How can we encourage and support more active participation?
3. What facilitates or inhibits our capacity to listen?

Further possible questions:
1. If there was no faith at all in our world, would it make any difference?
2. What would make it attractive for you to feel more part of the faith community?
3. How can the church listen better?
4. If there was one good thing the church could do that would make the world a better place what would that be?