Update on Covid-19 procedures

In the government Covid-19 announcement yesterday (18th August 2020), indoor arrangements for Churches were left unchanged because measures are in place to attend safely. See https://www.rte.ie/news/coronavirus/2020/0818/1159878-virus-press-conference/
In relation to Doorus Church, if funerals occur, it is as well to mention now, when no funerals are pending, so that it will be clear it is not personal to anybody, that because the 2 meter distancing rule applies (except in the case of people who live in the same household), the capacity for a funeral will be considerably less than the 50 people. Therefore, families will have to choose between having a smaller number in attendance in Doorus Church or having the funeral in one of the other Churches of the parish. Please be sensitive to the fact that the parish is obliged to follow the government restrictions, in the interest of public health, and does not have discretion to make exceptions.